Half- or full-day training sessions on C++, Rust and other programming-related topics.


As an employer, you want your employees to be up-to-date with the knowledge of their tools. Day-to-day experience and development on-the-job is fine, but to really boost knowledge levels, studying is required. Increase the professional development, productivity and joy of work by offering a training program.

For a more thorough approach on one or more subjects, I can provide training sessions. With many years of experience as a software engineer and speaker, I can offer high-quality, in-depth training on subjects within C++ or Rust.


My training sessions are set up as extensions or combinations of the topics of the masterclasses (see main page). However, we can always discussion options for presenting training on other topics – don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Training sessions are approximately 60% theory, 40% hands-on exercises, but this may vary depending on the topic.

Training sessions are half-day (3.5 hours) or full-day (7 hours), but again, this can be customized. Training can be presented in Dutch or English (slide content is always English).

During the training session, I will provide the participants with the slides, exercise/solution code and a detailed list of resources for further studying.

Please reach out to me for discussing a (custom) training session that suits your needs.