Hands-on workshops bundled with a masterclass. Apply the theory in practice!


For many of the masterclasses I offer, a workshop is available. In such a workshop we will get hands-on with the subjects from the masterclass. In effect, the content of the oral session will be brought to a deeper understanding. Also, next to being entertaining, there is more room for questions in an interactive setting.


A single workshop features about four practical exercises, often each divided in sub-exercises. The duration of a workshop is 90 to 120 minutes.

Like the masterclasses themselves, a workshop can be presented onsite or online. Presentation can be done in Dutch or English (slide content is always English).

During the workshop participants will have access to the exercise code, as well as the solutions (if desired). At the end of the workshop, I will provide you with the workshop slides, exercise/solution code.

Reach out to me for details on pricing and customization.