Conference-style masterclasses on C++, Rust and other programming-related subjects.


As an employer, you can send your team to a conference, or have your employees watch online videos of conference talks. But what about presenting a live, conference-style talk at your company? The engagement and interactivity level of a live talk is much higher, making it more entertaining and the content stick better.

I can offer such conference-style masterclass sessions. All my sessions are well-prepared, well-informed, in-depth and accessible to all levels of experience. I’m always focused on trying to make complex subjects understandable, while keeping the content interesting for everyone.

Check out the topics that I have to offer on the main page (under ‘Masterclasses’). Most sessions take around 75 minutes (excluding questions), but as most things, we can customize the duration. Many of the sessions have an optional, accompanying workshop available (see ‘Workshops’).

At the time of writing, I have presented the masterclasses to over a 1000 developers already!


A masterclass can be on-site, or online, depending on your preferences. I can present the session in English or Dutch (slide content is always English).

After the masterclass, I will hand-out a digital version of the slides as presented, as well as a detailed list of resources for further studying.

Reach out to me for more details on pricing and customization.